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Summer is Going By Fast

Well June is over and it seems to have gone by quick for me. I have not really been doing much this summer at all although I had plans to. I really hope that in July I will be able to do more and for the part of August I will not be in class. Summer is my favorite season but it seems as I get older I really don’t end up doing much even though many my age seem to do a lot. Of course though they have more money to do more but at least I can still find ways to have fun without spending a lot. 

Just wanted to update on here since I really don’t write much on here and prefer to write on other places. 

If you want you can check out my other blog at

and also follow me on Twitter @Pretti_Mamita and look me up on tumblr at

I want to make an effort to post on here more but I just always seem to post more on other sites especially bubblews. 

Well hope everyone had a great June and July will be good for all too!! I wonder if I will hear of anyone else getting pregnant. I swear I found out about at least 5-6 girls who are pregnant in June and a few who had babies. Let’s not forgot the people getting married and engaged. I guess the summer is just a huge time for all that sort of stuff. 


Ways to Make Money Online and on Smartphone Apps

Ways to Make Money Online and on Smartphone Apps

I have a blog on blogger/blogspot that I use more than this one by far. On there I mainly do reviews but also talk about apps I earn money on. Here’s the link to check it out if you’re interested:

I doubt I will post much here about any websites or apps since I mainly use this to comment on other blogs instead of writing on here. 

Spring Shift

Really cute dress!!


Shift your attention to the newest style for spring dresses! The shift is a straightforward, above the knee dress style. They are comfortable enough for an all-day event and chic enough for all the photos! The tribal shift dress above is great for spring. It has all the right colors for the season and takes the usually bold effect of the tribal print and turns it on its head. The criss cross back shift dress is a go to for all of your spring day events. How many showers can one girl go to, after all? 😉 Click here to shop shift dresses online and click here to get to the Body Central store nearest you!

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Freeze/Frost Tonight… Warmer on Thursday… Tuesday Forecast Update – 4:30pm

7 Day Forecast for Tuscaloosa, AL



Good Tuesday afternoon! It has been a very windy day across Alabama, with winds gusting as high as 35mph in spots. A strong pressure gradient between a high pressure northwest of our area and a deepening surface low to our east is causing all of this wind. There have even been some rain/snow showers across far northeast Alabama this afternoon. As an area of high pressure moves overhead tonight, winds will go calm and temperatures will drop rapidly. Expect upper 40s by 7pm, upper 30s at 10pm and lower 30s at midnight. We will spend atleast 5 hours below freezing across west and central Alabama tonight, with areas north of I-20 below freezing for 5 to 8 hours. With a frost developing by midnight, we will have some big issues with new vegetation overnight. Use the cold weather precautions to protect any new outdoor plants.

With a light to calm…

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Live In Linen

I find this outfit really cute.


Linen is the must have fabric for spring. It’s lightweight, comfy and it dries fast after a day at the beach. Our linen short comes in every spring color you could ever want to match your bikini bottoms. We have a new linen pant style that’s convertible to give you different looks with the same pant. Click here to shop linen online or click here to find the Body Central store nearest you!

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Just making a post

Well I decided to open up a wordpress account even though I already have another blog. I just want to see which one is more useful but I do plan to use all the ones I’m on if I do find people I enjoy keeping up with. I will share my other links though if anyone is interested in looking at them.

My blogger/blogspot:

My tumblr:

My twitter: @Pretti_Mamita

My linkedin:

My Xanga(well one I just made!Used to have an old one):

You can check them out if you want but you don’t have to. I will say on my blogspot, twitter, & linkedin account I share things with “Calyp” that I actually do share so don’t think it’s spam and the links are completely safe!